Monday, March 31, 2014

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 8, Part 3

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

By Julie Jansen

Chapter 8: Bored and Plateaued

Step 3: Create an Action Plan

Now it's time to do something about it! So make sure you have a good handle on the answers to these questions:
  1. What are the reasons for your boredom at work?
  2. How can you revitalize or change your current job or working situation so that you won't be bored?
  3. Do you want to pursue a different job withint your industry? Ifd so, how will you do this?
  4. List the reasons why you would accept another kjob in your industry.
Now, plan out what you're going to do in these areas:
  • Self-assessment
  • Research
  • Writing your resume
  • Networking
  • Delving into an unrelated hobby or interest
Good lluck! Let us know how it's going in the comments.

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