Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Art of Manliness: Finding Your Calling Part II

Last week, we looked at Part I of a series by Brett and Kate McKay of The Art of Manliness about vocations. Then, we talked about what a vocation is. Today, let's read along as they discuss:
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Part II: The Myths and Realities of Vocation

This essay begins, of course, with a list of three myths about vocations, and debunks them:
  1. There is one specific occupation out there that you were meant to do-police officer, pilot, teacher, etc.
  2. Vocations are limited to special or elite jobs. 
  3. A vocation is synonymous with a job.
The McKays give a big old Nope! to these myths. If you're using your gifts and talents, if you feel called to it, then there's no reason it can't be a vocation, whether it's medicine, maintenance, volunteer work, a hobby... doesn't matter. 

The McKays compare vocations to marriages: there's plenty of people out there you could have a decent marriage with, and a handful you could have a really excellent marriage with. Likewise, there are plenty of vocations out there that would make a nice, solid fit to your True Calling, and a handful that are near-perfect.  It's OK to settle for "pretty freaking good" if that makes you happy; it's also OK to hold out for one of your "soulmates."

Have you found your One True Love of an occupation? Let us know how you did it!
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