Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Review #35

This week has been very, very busy, and yet I somehow don't have a ton to tell.

Friday night, Chris and I had a date night.  You may have seen the pictures of the lobster mashed
potatoes (see also the picture below), which shall live on a bit longer as lobster stock.

Saturday I spent a good deal of the day on the train, because I had a bridesmaid dress fitting outside Philadelphia.

The rest of the week was pretty unremarkable, just trying to get stuff done before this weekend coming up, which of course I'll tell you about next week.

Thanks to my train rides, I read most of House of Suns.  I also made progress in Women's Life in Greece and Rome, and picked a bit at Demon Princes.

I'm mostly done the ornament I knit; I just need to get the Styrofoam ball to fill it.  And I made really good progress on my very first pair of socks.

What have you been up to?

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