Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Science of Happiness: Survey

So as I mentioned before, I'm taking a course on happiness through EdX. I'll be writing about it as I go, posting as appropriate.  Sometimes these will fill in for my What Makes You Happy? posts; sometimes they'll fill in for my Elsewhere posts; there's a chance I'll even sub in some read-alongs, but there's three books, all from the library, and none of which I can renew, so I can't promise much there.

Venn diagram
Venn diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'll also date these posts based on when I do the task, since I usually won't post the same day.  Just to help you keep track.


9/3/15: Pre-Course Survey

So in order to figure out who I am, as a member of the class, the survey starts by listing a series of personality traits and asking me if I agree whether they describe me or not. The next series of questions asks me how happy I see myself on a couple of different scales: generally, compared to my peers, etc. Then, there's a row of Venn diagrams, with one circle labeled "self" and one labeled "others", and I have to choose how much my personal circles overlap.I'm asked about my mood over the last month. Then, several more lists of statements that may or may not describe me, and whether or not I agree with them. I kind of hope there's a personality evaluation at the end, but I doubt there will be.

Next, it asks me to give them the email address for someone who knows me well to answer a few questions.  Hopefully Chris will take a moment to do these.

We must be reaching the end, because now it's demographic information. I always feel like the "gender" question is asked wrong, but I don't know what a "right" way would be.

Now there's a picture of a ladder, which is supposed to represent my country's socioeconomic scale.  I have to choose which rung my family is on.

The survey wants to know why I'm taking the course, and where I found out about it.

And I'm done.

That was boring.  Sorry.  Hopefully next time, we'll actually learn something.

Updated 9/22/15 to fix typos.

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