Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Talking and clicking

Let's talk about another question from this list:

Decoder Ring Theatre
Decoder Ring Theatre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you ever talked to a friend about a topic, a dream, or an aspiration and everything just clicked inside of you, and you felt a surge of excitement throughout your body?
 Yeah, actually.  I want to do a podcast. I've had this story in mind for ages, and in every iteration it wants to be an audio drama. Originally I wanted it to be a script and feature actors, like Decoder Ring Theatre, but as I considered the obstacles to that (and even asked for advice), I thought I might be better off writing them as monologues and reading them myself, playing one of the main characters, more along the lines of Welcome to Night Vale -- and if I do well (doesn't have to be nearly as well as them!) I could always have guest voices do episodes from different points of view.

It's overwhelming, and I don't really want to do much with it until I finish my current project, which has a pretty strict deadline, but it's so fin to talk about it.  I've had offers of help and support.

So how about you?

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