Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What makes you happy? #52

A self supporting Hammock in a backyard.
A self supporting Hammock in a backyard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Classic introvert: I relished a moment to finally be on the outskirts, not because I was being excluded, but because I could.

It was near the end of a family party. The sun had gone down, and the citronella torches had been lit. The crowd had dwindled a bit, and those who stayed were happy sticking to their little clusters, clusters which I had no interest in joining.

During the height of the party, you have to small-talk with everyone, and when the clusters happen, you're excluded, but can't excuse yourself or you're the rude one. At this point of the night, no one cares.

So I grabbed a glass (er, plastic cup) of wine and made my way tot he hammock at the far end of the back yard, and just enjoyed the evening.  The flickering torches and the twinkling Christmas lights. The indistinguishable din of conversation and the music on the stereo.

Chance to physically relax, to say nothing of socially.

That moment should be built into more parties, I think.

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