Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Make You Happy? #51

It's been a while since I've done one of these, so forgive me if you see a repeat.

English: Series of air conditioners at UNC-CH.
English: Series of air conditioners at UNC-CH. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Anyway, I will always like summer more than winter (although I like autumn the best). Being hot is absolutely better than being cold.

But when you're out enjoying the summer sun and heat, and the moment comes to call it -- you're sweaty and maybe a little sunburned, you're thirsty, your feet hurt, you probably have to pee. And you enter a building.

Maybe it's a snack bar or a souvenir shop. Maybe it's a bus or train taking you to the next destination. It could be your hotel, or your home. Recently, for me, it was even a casino.

But that sharp hit of air conditioning is so pleasant, and so promising. It doesn't just cut through the heat. It promises a comfy chair and a cold drink and a (hopefully) clean toilet, if not now, then very soon.

It's worth carrying around a sweater in August.

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