Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Review #52

I am tired and sweaty and sore and a little pissed off, but I'll get to that.

Last weekend was very very social. Friday Chris and I went to a friend's house for game night. Saturday a different set of friends was in town to see a Broadway show, so we met them for dinner, after which we met yet another set of friends for drinks. Then, Sunday, still another set of friends had a barbecue, so we headed there.

Monday began the comedy of errors involving file folders.  Chris and I recently bought a new file cabinet, so I went to Target to pick up some hanging folders for it, among other things. Target's selection was completely picked over, so I headed down to Staples, which was also pretty sparse. So I bought one box at Staples and ordered the rest of what I needed on Amazon.

Turns out I accidentally ordered legal size instead of letter size, so I can't use them, but it costs more to ship them back to Amazon that I would get in a refund.  So watch this space for a listing when  sell them on eBay. New in sealed box!

It should look like this when I'm done.
Tuesday was book club and a tasty dinner.

Thursday was back to Target; soda was on sale and we wanted to grab an extra bookshelf, neither of which purchase would have done well with me on a bus, so we took the car around for the large things.

Which brings us to today, with me putting together the bookshelf.  It's almost done; I'm taking a break while my screwdriver recharges.

Still no knitting.

Not much new in reading; I finished Batman: The Long Halloween, but otherwise I just picked at Jim Henson: The Biography, The Chicago Manual of Style, and Marketing For Dummies.

What have you been up to this week?

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