Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Review #53

Last Friday, after dealing with the bookshelf, I really needed to get out of the house, so Chris and I went to a local bar that has a really nice happy hour on Fridays.

Superman: Red Son
Superman: Red Son (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Saturday, Chris played soccer all day for charity; afterwards, everyone was so tired it took them a while to rouse the energy, but eventually five of us caught a really good dinner.

Sunday was church, which we haven't done in ages, followed by pizza for lunch and then hitting up the neighborhood farmers market, which was kind of disappointing,  I think I'd rather take the afternoon and hit up the one in Union Square once or twice a month.

Monday we had dinner with Chris's parents, and Tuesday, I did my volunteering followed by meeting Chris for a Yankees game, which was so terrible it came back around to funny.  The Yankees' best pitcher for the night was a second baseman.

Last night was so beautiful out that, even though we were good and cooked dinner like adults, after the dishes were done we took a long walk around the neighborhood and grabbed a drink at a really nice bar.

Which brings us to today. As of press time I have no plans, but if that changes, you'll know about it this time next week.

Still no knitting, but I did find my circulars, so I'm hoping to work on a hat this weekend; I had always planned to have one hat-and-scarf set for every winter I've been knitting, but this winter past I lost them faster than I made them.

As for reading, I knocked out two more graphic novels: Superman: Red Son and Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys.  Why so many graphic novels lately? Well, during the months when I wasn't updating, I took an EdX course on the history of comic book superheros, and I've been slowly working my way through the list of suggested reading,.

In none-comics, I've also continued to pick at Marketing for Dummies and The Chicago Manual of Style, plus I really hope to have a chance to finish Jim Henson: The Biography this weekend.

What have you been up to?

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