Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ugh, group projects...

So, remember the questions from this post? Here's another one!

 During school group projects, what job did other students assign to you, or did you volunteer for?
Want to get into a group, a project, attend a ...
Want to get into a group, a project, attend a meeting...? Here's the right lolcat for you. ;-) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, not belonging to any social groups in school, when a group project happened, I was set up in one of two ways: either the teacher would assign groups (no one liked that) or I would have to find a group of people who actually wanted to work together but were short a person and willing to deal with me.

No one liked that, either.

Either way, unless I was really lucky (which happened, but rarely), the people in my group would know me by reputation. Kids with high GPAs will do anything to keep them, right...?

Which wouldn't even have been so bad if I had done 100% of the project. But I physically couldn't. So the rest of the group would take on, let's say 30% of it between them.

And then my 70% would be done well, if I do say so myself, and the other 30%....

Might not get done at all. That's happened at least twice.

And of course the rest of the group is thrilled with a B- in exchange for doing virtually no work! While I'm panicking because, as we discussed, my high GPA is on the line.

So the whole point of these questions is to figure out exactly what that says about me.  Well, it says NOPE.

I don't mind working as part of a team... if you give me my specific duties, let me do them, and judge me for them. If I'm carrying the project alone, be a grownup and admit it. I think we'd all be happier.

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