Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Balance and Moderation

So, there's a problem with the whole hunt for one's passion.

See, we're supposed to have this one thing that brings us joy, and spurs us to excel, and, perfect world, makes us some good money, right?

Except, there's something else we're supposed to have:

Work-life balance.

I mean, how can you spend every waking hour on whatever your passion is supposed to be, and then still have any time left for anything -- or anyone -- else?

Is happiness found in following your passion and living it? Or in giving up on that and enjoying a balanced life? Is it both?

I drew this little doodle because, for all I'm a terrible artist, I think it'll explain what's on my mind better than I can.  So, this thing here: it is possible? Sensible? Sane?
I mean, they say "All things in moderation"... but does that include moderation?

What are your thoughts on balance?

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