Monday, August 4, 2014

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 9, Part 3

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

By Julie Jansen 


Chapter 9: Yearning to Be on Your Own

So now we're looking at Roadblocks and Obstacles.

First of all, as an entrepreneur, you're always selling. A good reason why I don't want to be an entrepreneur, but it may actually be a good thing for you. If you don't know anything about selling, there are plenty of options for learning, but you'll need to start that learning well before you start your new business.

You should also have cash handy up front, because you don't know how quickly or how regularly you'll be making money, and bills will always have to be paid.

You won't have a support system.  At best, you'll have to build one from scratch. This new venture is going to have a major impact on your family, so get them involved.

Your work-life balance is going to be precarious, because it'll be hard to see when work ends and life begins. Keep track of how much time you spend on different areas of your life, and check in regularly to make sure things haven't skewed too much in any one direction.

This all sounds terrifying to me, but maybe for you it's thrilling! If so, next time we talk action plans.

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