Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meta: Year-End wrap-up

fireworks philadelphia
fireworks philadelphia (Photo credit: Melody Kramer)
Well, I started this thing at the beginning of 2013, and now we're a good week into 2014. As of press time, the following posts have gotten the most all-time pageviews:

And the following posts have gotten the most comments:

Just for kicks, here are some unexpected search terms people have used to find this blog:
slate moneybox
the point seems to be
english birthday card
post workout euphoria
stop dabbling steve pavlina

And finally, of the posts not mentioned above, here is the one I'm most proud of:
Didn't do study abroad. Life changed anyway.

So wander around, check out some stuff you might have missed, and jump in on the conversation. Because it's a new year, and who knows what that'll bring?

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