Thursday, January 30, 2014

Penelope Trunk: Bad career advice: Do what you love

Seems like I'm on a pessimistic kick with the articles I'm discussing lately, doesn't it?

But this isn't actually all that pessimistic.

penelope trunk
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In December of 2007, Penelope Trunk tore apart the advice that you should do what you love, career-wise.  In fact, let me skip right to her conclusion:
And if you are so overwhelmed that you feel depression coming on, consider that a job might save you. Take one. Doing work and being valued in the community is important. For better or worse, we value people with money. Earn some. Doing work you love is not so important. We value love in relationships. Make some.
Your job isn't supposed to make you happy; as long as it's not making you miserable, you're fine. You're going to do what you love regardless, so why spin your wheels hoping for what you love to make you money? Money is incentive to do stuff we don't really want to do; pleasure is incentive do so the stuff we do really want to.

So if you're obsessing on finding the perfect job that marries passion with practicality, the pressure is going to get to you.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

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