Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Gin Is In: Jelly Shot Series

"Bees Knees" sheet music cover, with...
"Bees Knees" sheet music cover, with photo of bandleader Ted Lewis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Back in October of 2012, Aaron of The Gin Is In (and also of my book club and trivia league, and my husband's running buddy) held a Gin-toberfest party. I have a history of wowing parties with recipes I pull from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, so he asked me to make a few batches of gin-based gelatin treats.  I also took some pictures with commentary, and he has posted them onto his blog.

So, behold! The Tom Collins, Bees Knees, and Negroni jelly shots. Delicious, fun, and not at all what you might remember from your frat-party days.

In other news, Aaron's cocktail recipe is taking part in Slate's Martini Madness, so go cheer him on!

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