Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday (mega) review #16

Cover of "Washington: A Life"
Cover of Washington: A Life
So Chris and I went to Spain, which is part of why why I've been out of the loop lately.

Since the last time you heard from me! We went to Philadelphia to do a birthday thing for me and my sister-in-law with my family. That was fun. Good food, nice presents, and I bought much-needed shoes.

Sunday we did the bulk of the packing. Monday was quiet -- I ran errands and went to the gym while Chris chipped away at his pre-vacation workload.  I also obsessively refreshed my Twitter feed  for updates about the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Tuesday was more errands, pretty much the same as Monday. Wednesday, we stayed up way too late doing our last-minute packing, as we always do the night before a big trip.

Flying out Thursday night means we effectively lose part of Friday... and I was fine with that. The marathon bombings, the ricin letters, the fertilizer plant explosion... I'm not even discussing the gun control bill, I don't have the energy to moderate that conversation.  I was done with the week.

Although, have you seen the video of the New Zealand Parliament legalizing same-sex marriage and then breaking into song? Thank you for being a redeeming quality, New Zealand.

I got pretty badly dehydrated on the plane, but felt fine once we landed and I drank a ton of water.

We arrived in Tangier, where we were supposed to meet our tour guide at the airport, but he flaked on us, so we took a cab to our hotel and arranged for a different tour guide.  We had a wonderful day out, but ended up having dinner in the hotel, which is pretty disappointing when you're trying to be a gastrotourist.

The next day we took a very nerve-wracking ferry to Spain, picked up our rental car, and drove to Gibraltar... and no one clicked through to read a travelogue, so suffice it to say we worked our way north to Madrid and had a lovely time, even if my feet pretty much fell off by the time we were done.

I went back to work Monday with no problem... and was promptly laid off on Tuesday.

Since then, I've had a hell of a time reworking my routine; I have more time to do certain things, but I don't have a specific time to do them in, so they don't get done.  I'm trying to be more on the ball with this blog.

Hmm, what else? We celebrated Chris's birthday, went to book club a few times (Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed and Old Man's War by John Scalzi, currently reading The Door Into Summer by Robert Heinlein), and watched some sports (too bad about the Islanders, but the Flyers will always come first for me).  I finished reading Reporting at Wit's End by St. Clair McKelway and am about halfway through Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow.

I've been doing a bit of knitting, since I have time to go to daytime knitting group on Fridays, and I finished a square on my sampler afghan.  I've also been doing some writing, but I just can't seem to focus when I'm writing at home; I try to get around this by showing up for knitting an hour or so early.

So that's what I've been up to!  What's the latest on your end?
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