Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What makes you happy? #60

English: baby
English: baby
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Note: not actually my kid.
The baby is pretty active. I suspect he can tell when I'm getting hungry, because shortly before I eat, without fail, he starts putting up a fuss. If this is how he acts in utero, I'm a little afraid of how he'll react once he's born and, you know, actually hungry.

Some babies are calm, and good at self-soothing. I suspect my son will be born without any chill.

I mean, just look at his parents.

Still, when he starts his bedtime agitation ("Mom?  Why'd you stop moving, Mom?"), Chris gets to feel it. He'll talk to my belly, or poke it, or sometimes shine a flashlight at it (as far as I can tell, the baby hates that -- he always squirms away from the light).

Watching Chris play with, and just generally interact with, our son is already a great source of joy for me.

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