Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Review #59

It's been since October since I did one of these, and since December since I posted at all.  There's no way I'm going to be able to fill you in on everything, so I'll just fill you in on the big news that I actually not too long after the last Friday Review...

Chris and I are expecting our first child in July.

Before you ask, the smart-ass answer is, "I'm sure they will let us know their gender identity by the time they're two or so."

The precise answer is, "The fetus is anatomically male."

Yes, we have a name in mind.  No, I won't be sharing on this blog.  Chris has consented to being mentioned by name on this blog. Small Nyberg, as I'll be referring to him for now, clearly has not.

My first trimester kicked off with back-to-back colds, which segued nicely into morning sickness so bad you could put it in pill form and sell it as a weight-loss drug.  I kept food down fine... when I could manage to eat it in the first place.

But I'm doing much better now, as our grocery bill can attest. You should have heard us a week or so ago:

Me: I need a snack, but we're out of everything.
Chris: Have some ice cream.
Me: I already killed that.
Chris: Fruit?
Me: All we have left is citrus.  That won't end well.
Chris: We have chips.
Me: ...Yeah, not anymore we don't.
Chris: Cereal?
Me: I finished the milk this morning.

At which point he looked a little dismayed, because now he wanted a snack, too, and I had already eaten all of everything he had thought of (except the grapefruit, which would give me indigestion).

Also, the baby likes to screw with the doctor, but that's a story for another day.

But you don't care about any of that! Let's look at how the last week has been.

Last Friday was the second day of my temp job.  It's supposed to be a two-week gig, which is about perfect, except they won't commit to an end date.  I can work longer; I'd be happy to do so.  But I really need to know what the story is so I can, you know, make and keep doctor's appointments.

Friday night was a comedy of errors in trying to get to Long Island for sushi with some of Chris's friends.  This place had a pretty extensive menu of cooked sushi, which was amazing once I finally got there. Oh, I miss real sushi. We went bowling, where I did surprisingly well. I guess the baby is a good bowler already.

Saturday we mostly ran errands and relaxed. We got some nice steaks for dinner.

Sunday was Easter. We met up with Chris's family at a restaurant, which would have been nice had our table not been next to one full of screaming children. I was overwhelmed and overstimulated pretty quickly.  Also, Chris's grandfather had passed away on Palm Sunday, which cast an odd tint on things. Not sad, exactly. Just odd.

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment. The baby tried to kick the PA when she measured his heartbeat.  Like I said, he likes to screw with doctors.  Chris found the whole thing hilarious.

All in all, a fairly uneventful week.  Tiring, though.

Not much knitting this week. I am far from the only person in my circle of friends expecting this spring, so I spent a decent chunk of the winter churning out booties. I'm still a little burnt out, not to mention out of the yarn I need.  I'll make a pair for Small Nyberg once I replenish. I should probably pick at a hat in the meantime, but meh.

As for reading, I finished The Happiest Baby on the Block (which will hopefully prove helpful -- I expect Small Nyberg will be born without any chill) and worked on Storm Front for book club, as  well as The Seventh Bride.

So what have you been up to?

Note: Crap, I just realized as I was preparing the draft for this post that it's scheduled for April 1.  The news about the baby is NOT an April Fool's gag.  That said, I don't expect you to believe me -- I wouldn't -- so feel free to remain skeptical until future blog posts confirm the news.

Updated 5/6/16 to add links and fix typos.

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