Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Science of Happiness: Happiness Practice #2

10/22/15: Active Listening.

Next it's asking me about my Three Good Things.  So let's take a quick break...
English: The Active Listening Chart shows the ...
English: The Active Listening Chart shows the progression in the quality of listening that an active listener can engage in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three Good Things:
Once again, it's fairly early in the day as I write this, so they may not be entirely things that happened today.
  1. A jump on my holiday shopping. After doing some googling last night, I have a lead on a few important presents.  Combined with some shopping we did while in Woodstock,  we've got a solid head start.
  2. Online calendars. My parents have a paper calendar in their kitchen that my mom writes all of her appointments on. If my dad has an event, I guess he has to call her right away and have her write it down? Or remember to add it himself.  Chris and I just share a Google Calendar, and when either of us has anything, we just plug it in, and the other is synced.  Combine that with Google Hangouts, and we're on top of it.  Looking at next week, for instance, I see that I have a phone interview, he has a work meeting and a soccer game, I am supposed to have my writing workshop (but we're probably rescheduling, another nice thing about online calendars), he has a basketball game, and then he has two work meetings followed by us going to a friend's birthday party. Easy.
  3. A cozy bed.  Yeah, it's kind of one of those gratitude journal, check your privilege things, but I did not want to get up this morning.  The bed was too nice.

OK, then. There's a survey about how doing this exercise impacted my life. I mean, it was interesting, but I don't think it made a huge difference, do you?

They introduce the second Happiness Practice, which shouldn't be shocking considered what we looked at just at the top of this page: Active Listening.  This sounds good, but not the kind of thing I'm going to do semi-daily on this blog; sorry, folks!

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