Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Science of Happiness: Are Parents Happier?

10/23/15: Parenting and Happiness

Here's a video about whether parents are happy.  I've read some pretty contradictory stuff about this; let's learn!

So... yeah, pretty contradictory, all right! People tend to like doing the work of raising their children slightly more than they like housework; if that's not damning with faint praise...

US Navy 100423-N-0641S-143 Mara MacDonald demo...
US Navy 100423-N-0641S-143 Mara MacDonald demonstrates different massage techniques to a group of new mothers and their babies in an infant massage class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Also, the birth of a firstborn brings greatest happiness (yeah, that's right!), with the level of happiness declining with each subsequent child.

BUT! Having a large family contributes to happiness a little later in life.

So far, what I'm getting is, the more kids you're currently raising, the worse off you are, but the more kids you've finished raising, the better off you are.  Parents, can you weight in?

Another study shows that what it comes down to is how wanted the child is, which doesn't really surprise me. People who actively want to be parents are happier being parents. Which, duh, right?

Finally, it comes down to this: parents have more daily joy, which increases happiness, and more daily stress, which decreases happiness  so...

Sort of?

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