Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Solo Trips

I don't object when Chris gets invited on a boys weekend. It doesn't happen very often, and he always has a good time.
Metro train over the Potomac
Metro train over the Potomac (Photo credit: LR_PTY)

Ideally, I'll take advantage and go on a solo trip of my own.

Once, I went to Washington, DC, by myself.  That was great. I took the bus down, got a hotel right by the Metro, and spent the day doing free museums and monuments. I ate in food courts. My expenses were low.

That's what I look for in a solo trip.

But I'd like to try something different next time.  I don't have a set "next time" in mind, but it's likely to come up sooner or later.

So let's see. A city I can get to fairly easily by bus, train, or not-terribly-expensive flight. It should be relatively safe for a woman to walk around alone at night, at least until midnight and at least in the tourist sections (later and further are better, of course).  Walkable and/or sensibly mass-transitable.  Plenty to do, ideally with a lot of it cheap or free. Good food, with cheap options. Good local beer is nice, but not necessary. It would be cool if I knew someone in the area for a drink or lunch, but not so many or so close that my entire weekend is obligations to stay there and hang with them -- the whole point is it's a solo weekend!

Consulting my (admittedly not very good) mental map, we've got Boston, which I've done a lot; Philadelphia, where I'd feel obligated to stay with family; Pittsburgh and Chicago, both of which I've done in the cold but would like to do in the warm; Baltimore, which, no; and DC, which as I said, I did by myself before.

I'm open to suggestions!

Do you like to travel alone?  Where do you go?
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