Monday, December 23, 2013

I Don't Know What I Want... Chapter 5, Part 4

I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

By Julie Jansen

Chapter 5: Where's the Meaning?

Sorry I've been so distant, folks.  It's been a hectic December. Anyway, let's move on:
Step 3: Create an Action Plan
At this point, we fill out a worksheet. I'll do mine here; you can play along at home, in the comments, or (if you're reading this on a mobile device and can't comment) on Facebook.

The kind of meaning I want to pursue is: Balance and Accomplishment

The short-term action steps (tasks/activities) I will take are:
...I have no idea.  The example in the book wasn't really about meaning; it was more about applying that meaning onto a concrete goal.  I don't have a concrete goal.

You know what? Let's go pipe dream. It won't ever happen, I don't think, but we can use it as an example. So! Starting over!

The kind of meaning I want to pursue is: Creative Accomplishment. I want to produce a dramatic podcast.

The short-term action steps (tasks/activities) I will take are:
  1. Re-write my scripts for the first story arc.
  2. Write scripts for the second story arc.
  3. Workshop scripts for the second story arc
  4. Re-write scripts for second story arc
  5. Write scripts for the third story arc.
  6. Workshop scripts for the third story arc
  7. Re-write scripts for third story arc
  8. Write scripts for the fourth story arc.
  9. Workshop scripts for the fourth story arc
  10. Re-write scripts for fourth story arc
  11. Consult Chris for some kind of contract for actors, since I probably won't be paying them, but I'll need them for a while
  12. Audition actors
  13. Find recording space
  14. Record scripts
  15. Figure out how to edit recordings
  16. Figure out how to put it all up on iTunes
  17. Evaluate success
  18. If successful, restart process for Season 2
  19. If any monetization happens, figure out my best tax structure, as money ought to be reinvested first, reimburse actors somehow second. My payout would best come from spin-off items: swag, related novels, etc.
Now, technically, I'm supposed to have due dates attached to these, but I'm currently working on a novel, with a second novel in a drawer for later, so I really don't know when Step 1 will get started.

...But these aren't terrible action items, are they?

Now, these are subject to change, but they're supposed to make us feel more committed to the project.  Kind of like committing to NaNoWriMo did, actually.  

Next time! Chapter 6 begins!

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