Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Subtly Quirky

I am neither a hipster nor a trendster. If what I like is out of fashion, oh well.  If what I like in in fashion, I stock up, because who knows how long that will last?  I live in variations on a theme: sundress and cardigan; tank top, skirt, and cardigan; tank top, jeans, and cardigan; t-shirt and jeans, with or without the cardigan; cable knit sweater and jeans.

(I've heard this is the year of the cardigan, and while I do have a decent collection, I'm not going to say no to anyone who wants to help me build my stash to see me through until the next time it comes around!)

But I have fun with accessories.  Not wild and crazy stuff; I don't really feel comfortable in big statement necklaces, and I don't actually have pierced ears, believe it or not.

Here are some recommendations for a subtly hint of quirk for the lady in your life whose fashion sensibilities maybe sound a bit like mine -- or if you like something a little wilder, you can always play these up!

One of my signature pieces these days is my dinosaur necklace by turtlelove. It's silly but tasteful, and when people notice it, I get to have a fun conversation about dinosaurs that never existed. turtlelove has a couple different dinosaur pieces, plus states, elephants, ampersands, and more

Next is my watch. It looks heavy and bulky, doesn't it?  Nope! It's slender and super lightweight... and it's made of wood.  There's a ton of styles and a good handful of colors at WeWood, and it seems like everyone in my family wants one!

I have a few handbags, to go with different outfits. Black, brown, grey. Oh, my grey handbag. My sister-in-law had this first, and I liked it so much she got me a similar, if slightly toned down, version, from Harveys. It's made of seatbelts!

When I'm not wearing my watch, I have a go-to bracelet.  Unfortunately, I got it at a craft fair, and I don't have the designer's card. But I cruised Etsy, and this is pretty close. Get your recipient's initial in a typewriter key!

So these are just some ideas. Check out the sites and see what strikes your, or your loved one's, fancy.

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