Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Review #37

English: Typical Japanese sushi set, as sold i...
English: Typical Japanese sushi set, as sold in department stores. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sorry about the lack of updates this week, but as I warned you, NaNoWriMo is taking up most of my writing time and energy, and will be for the rest of the month.

But other than NaNoWriMo, what have I been up to?

On Friday, Chris and I met up with his parents in the city for dinner.

Saturday, we met up with friends to see Prisoners and then got sushi for dinner and drinks afterwards.

Sunday Chris and I ran errands and then prepped a nice steak dinner and stayed in.

Monday I went to a Write-In for NaNoWriMo, which really helped my wordcount.

Tuesday was book club, where we discussed House of Suns.

And Thursday I went to a REZ Reading, followed up with a session of Shut Up and Write.

Amid all that, plus my freelance work, plus cleaning the apartment for guests this weekend (which I'll tell you about next time), I somehow managed to read a little of Women's Life in Greece and Rome and a tiny bit of Whitman: An Interpretation in Narrative, and knit a little on my sock, my twisty scarf, my linen scarf, and a dog neckerchief.

Don't have a ton of time right now to elaborate on any of that more than I have, so enjoy the links!

What have you been up to this week?
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