Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pope Bot

Special thanks to Dave for the prompt. Dave, if you're reading this and want me to link back to a website of yours, let me know.

WMMR (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Let's start by talking about hitchBOT.

HitchBOT was a "robot" -- a false body surrounding a tablet computer, including a digital camera and GPS -- that was created as a social experiment by a pair of Canadian engineers.  It "hitchhiked" across Canada by asking drivers to take it towards the next city on its itinerary, and spouted fun facts about the trip en route.

This summer, hitchBOT tried to hitchhike across the US. It was destroyed in Philadelphia, inspiring several things, including dismay with American culture, a fourth rule of robotics, and the Pope Bot.

You see, hitchBOT isn't the only prominent being visiting Philadelphia this year.

In honor of Pope Francis's upcoming visit to Philadelphia, and in memory of hitchBOT, Pope Bot is traveling around the Greater Philadelphia Area, sponsored by local radio station WMMR.

You can win prizes if you take the Pope Bot for a right and tweet about it, so if you're in the area, keep an eye out!

...Ladies and gentlemen, neither "Pope" nor "Bot" look like real words any longer.

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